Triangle Research

Triangle produces empirical evidence-based research to expand our clients knowledge in key sectors and markets.  In order to continually develop progressive research across its focus areas, Triangle maintains an evolving roster of specialised consultants.

Triangle's research areas include:
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Sector & Stakeholder Analysis
  • Needs Assessments
  • Strategic & Programmatic Evaluations
  • Market Research & Evaluations
  • Risk Analysis & Due Diligence

Focus Areas

In an increasingly interconnected world, Triangle’s deep understanding of West Asia is complemented by its knowledge of global developments in politics, business and finance. While Triangle places a particular focus on the Levant and West Asia, its consultants also have research experience in other regions, including North Africa, East Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific.

Triangle’s research team draws on an array of expertise, including experienced analysts, evaluators, researchers, journalists and project managers.

Particular areas of research specialization include:
  • Food & Nutrition Security 
  • Value Chain Development
  • Development Policy & Programming  
  • Humanitarian Policy & Programming
  • Value Chain Analysis 
  • Market Opportunity & B2B Reports
  • Political Economy
  • Financial Crime & Compliance
  • Water, Food Security & Climate Change
  • Energy (oil, renewables, gas & nuclear energy)
  • Education & Pedagogy