About Triangle

Triangle aims to bridge the divide between policy making, empirical research and the media to produce lasting results for clients, a rewarding environment for its team, and positively impact the communities where Triangle operates. To do so, Triangle works to close the gap between policy, research and media by integrating empirical inquiry with effective communications, developing evidence-based solutions for the organisations we work with.

Who We Are

Triangle was established in 2016 by its four founders who share the view that effective and progressive policy is grounded in empirical evidence alongside a compelling message. Triangle’s  extended network of consultants bring specialised expertise to each project in order to produce lasting results for clients.

What We Do

Triangle conducts in-depth research, provides policy guidance and develops media outputs which cover economic, developmental and social issues. Triangle works with clients to develop a framework that meets their specific needs and leverage outputs across the firm’s three focus areas.

Whom We Work With

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors in both the public and private spheres: from international agencies and government bodies to media outlets, universities and commercial sectors.